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Hello all! This page will not be updated much nor even existing too much longer. This URL will soon direct to my on-line bike shop where you’ll be able to buy lots of great touring gear and sundries for daily riding. Wooo-haaa! Another way to support your local, bootstrapping, small biz owner!

Please check out the Chilly’s Bicycle Shop Facebook Page for daily updates on the shop and riding bicycles in general. “Like” the page while you’re there as well! will continue to be heart of my bicycle endeavors and a chronicle of bicycle adventures using the great products that I sell. Please bookmark, share and check back often or go for a long ride and read one of the longer trip reports!

Thank you again for your help and support. I am happy to have created a good life centered around riding, fixing and promoting bicycles!


Inside the shop. Repairs and sundries for all bicycles and riders! I also hand build bomber touring wheels!



Arkel makes really, really good stuff! Their Handlebar Bags and waterproof  Dolphin series of bags have carried my gear on several tours for months at a time. I have fronts and rears in stock as well as a set of their less featured and lower priced Orca line. Stop in!



I stand by and know my products well! It’s not just a shop, it’s my life! This was from my Seattle to Santa Cruz tour in 2012!