Light up your Ride!


$5 off  all pairs of Lights this week!

Wanna just be barely legal? $15 and you’re no longer riding dirty!

Wanna go for the full on flash and brightness! $60 will get ya super seen and really conquer some darkness!!

In stock only, 4/1 to 4/5. Come Holla at Chilly!

122 Ann Street 1/2 way in between  Island Dogs and Sloppy Joes!  305.985.BIKE

Key West, Key Weird, Conch Republic,  by any name we’re all here because we’re not all there!

3 responses to “Light up your Ride!

  1. Hello! Currently on a spur of the moment ride, Naples to KW. Biked 160m yesterday, to Key Largo (current position); today riding Key Largo to KW. I know it’s short notice but any leads on where I can park my head for two nights? I’m taking Ferry back to Marco Island Thursday evening. I’m quiet, clean, respectful. Coming to KW specifically to learn more about the cycling scene on KW. Thanks – Thierry. 802-343-6566

  2. Hey Thierry,

    I responded to your WS request, hopefully we can meet up! See ya at Chilly’s!

  3. Hey man, I was looking for you last year, I guess when you were out riding. Glad I checked again. Looks like a nice shop. The wife and I will absolutely have to get down to Key West & stop by for some coffee. Glad to see you’re still rollin’.

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