Hello all! This page will not be updated much nor even existing too much longer. This URL will soon direct to my on-line bike shop where you’ll be able to buy lots of great touring gear and sundries for daily riding. Wooo-haaa! Another way to support your local, bootstrapping, small biz owner!

Please check out the Chilly’s Bicycle Shop Facebook Page for daily updates on the shop and riding bicycles in general. “Like” the page while you’re there as well! will continue to be heart of my bicycle endeavors and a chronicle of bicycle adventures using the great products that I sell. Please bookmark, share and check back often or go for a long ride and read one of the longer trip reports!

Thank you again for your help and support. I am happy to have created a good life centered around riding, fixing and promoting bicycles!


Inside the shop. Repairs and sundries for all bicycles and riders! I also hand build bomber touring wheels!



Arkel makes really, really good stuff! Their Handlebar Bags and waterproof  Dolphin series of bags have carried my gear on several tours for months at a time. I have fronts and rears in stock as well as a set of their less featured and lower priced Orca line. Stop in!



I stand by and know my products well! It’s not just a shop, it’s my life! This was from my Seattle to Santa Cruz tour in 2012!

Light up your Ride!


$5 off  all pairs of Lights this week!

Wanna just be barely legal? $15 and you’re no longer riding dirty!

Wanna go for the full on flash and brightness! $60 will get ya super seen and really conquer some darkness!!

In stock only, 4/1 to 4/5. Come Holla at Chilly!

122 Ann Street 1/2 way in between  Island Dogs and Sloppy Joes!  305.985.BIKE

Key West, Key Weird, Conch Republic,  by any name we’re all here because we’re not all there!

Chilly’s closed due to tropical bicycle touring! 3/13-3/20!

10402375_722178891231030_1055200510353893459_nChilly’s Bicycle Shop will be closed March 13-20th while I enjoy my birthday bicycle touring through some tropical hills a little south of here. I’ll post some trip reports and stories on and a piece in The Blue Paper. Maybe even video! Happy St. Patricks Day to all! Viva Viñales!

Panniers for any occassion!

imagePanniers, pan ears, paninis or saddlebags….by any name or pronunciation, they are super helpful. Chilly’s wall is full of options in stock and ready to travel to the local grocery store or across the globe! And even more options to special order!

The Arkel Dolphins and the lightweight Orcas are both fully waterproof and come in two sizes. They both feature the awesome Arkel cam technology to really secure the panniers to your rack. I have personally ridden over 4,500 miles with my full set of Dolphins and they have been great and are ready for far more adventures! I also have the Arkel handlebar bags in stock. They are simply the best. Google these great products and then buy them locally!

The online market will be up and riding in April and we’ll be happy to securely take your credit card over the interwebs and ship to where ever you are! If you are on the island then stop in at 122 Ann Street in the heart of Downtown!

imageThese Banjo Brothers Grocery Panniers are great for shopping and running errands. They fold up easily like the red one and carry a lot when opened like the black one. They retail for $40 each. Stop driving! Stop riding with plastic bags on your handlebars!

imageMy March Bike Month special is two grocery panniers and a Planet Bike ECO rack for $100 installed for bicycles ready to go.  Missing mounts or braze-ons? We have special hardware to fit most bikes! Come holla at Chilly!

Chilly’s Bicycle Shop
122 Ann Street
wed-sat 9-3
closed Mon and Tue to enjoy riding and sleeping

Come holla at Chilly!

IMG_1744Owner, tourer, wrench, manager, graphic designer, marketing  and I make the coffee!

1/19/15 Mon Day Night Ride

Mon Day Night Ride Logo
1/19/15 Mon Day Night Ride

IMG_5526Sunset is early in the ride due to the shorter Winter days, but still super pretty. The camera couldn’t make out the Boca Chica AFB tower in the distance.

IMG_5527Gavin joined us and brought along a super bright headlight. He had never ridden as far as Kaya before, usually turning around at the Circle K. There’s some great car-free riding on the old US1 bridges just past there. And Kaya too!

IMG_5534Mondays also just happen to be Martini Night at Kaya as well! Yes please! Always delicious food and smiling, friendly faces.

IMG_5539Mmmm…..Hula Girl Pie! Thank you for the love Scott!

IMG_5530Kerry and Gavin lighting up the path. This is how we roll! 28 miles of beautiful scenery, good company, good food and bright-ass lights!


keepin’ busy


Biz card draft #1

ChillysBizCard1flatWorking with a mouse can be really difficult sometimes. I’ve written “Chilly” for years but have never needed to write it with a mouse in Photoshop. And from the looks of it, I will need to draw it with a mouse a few dozen more times to make it look right. Rebuilding wheels is soooo much easier than this interweb stuff,  your hands just get a little more greasy. But as the staff graphic designer, I will DiY this proper with a little more time.

Mon Day Night Ride 1/5/15

Mon Day Night Ride Logo

A beautiful sunset/night ride along the bike path up to Kaya Island Eats at mm14.5 on the first and third Monday of the month. Not a conch cruiser kind of a ride. And not even a speedy road ride! All bicycles welcome but you must be able to ride 30 miles at an average of 15mph. Spandex and jerseys will be more appropriate for jokes than performance! Dress comfortably, relax and enjoy the ride! It’s a great bike path and far safer than the shoulder of Rt.1 and unquestionably a super spectacular ride at sunset!

Mon Day Night Ride #1!

kaya1:5p1Three of us enjoyed the beautiful view as we left Key West along the South Roosevelt Bike Path. The short Winter days force us to leave closer to sunset, rather than catching it further North on the Overseas Heritage Trail.


Bright head lights are essential for the long stretches of dark path. Most of the ride is on bike path and super pretty. Returning at night makes it feel like a whole new 14miles back rather than repeat scenery.

Cheers to a new ride for 2015!

On the Road!

Currently riding from Glacier National Park to Seattle to San Francisco! Follow along at Chilly and Kerry’s Great Big Bicycle Adventure.